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  Drum chipper is a special equipment for producing high quality wood chips. It is widely used in paper mills, particleboard mills, fiberboard mills, biomass power plants and wood chip production bases. Can be logs, small-diameter wood cutting into uniform length, the formation of incision, uniform thickness of high-quality industrial wood chips, but also cutting branches Ya wood, plates and so on.

Chipper mechanism-太阳城集团2007手机版
  The chipper frame is welded with a high degree of steel plate, which is the foundation of the whole machine. Two, three or four knives are mounted on the knife roll, and the flying knife is on the knife roll through the pressure block by means of a specially designed flying knife bolt. Depending on the thickness of the material being cut, the upper feed roll assembly can be floated up and down within a certain range by means of a hydraulic system. Qualified pieces of material cut down through the screen hole down, from the bottom of the discharge, a large piece of material will be re-cutting machine.
  Hydraulic system: from the oil pump to the cylinder, you can start the cover, easy blade replacement.

Linheng chipper
 The chipper is the main equipment for wood-based panel production and wood-chip production. The performance will directly affect the yield of wood chips. Drum chipper is my company's traditional products, over the years to product performance, superior quality, cost-effective advantages of being widely used domestic and foreign merchants, the majority of users by the trust, excellent product reputation! I produced the drum Chipper close to the international advanced technology, a leading level in the country, can replace imports to meet the domestic and imported wood-based panel equipment for chipper production capacity requirements and quality requirements.

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